Shopping in Gaya

Gaya or Bodh Gaya is one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations of the country. Along with being a successful pilgrimage destination Gaya is home to many small and big bazaars & malls too. Thus, the metaphor of shopaholic’s paradise well fits Gaya. You can get a vast array of commodities in Gaya. Especially items related to craft & jewelry are quite famous in the shops of Gaya. For a tourist who loves shopping Gaya can offer multiple enticing choices to pick from. You can get the true flavor of the entire nation just by a whiff of Gaya’s shops and bazaars. If you are traveling to Gaya and are curious to gain knowledge about the possibility of shopping in Gaya, read through this ‘shopping in Gaya’ guide to stay informed:

What to Expect in the Shops of Gaya

The shops of Gaya have plentiful supplies of carved pieces, woodwork, zari embroidered fabrics, silver jewelry, brass work, lacquer bangles, Madhubani paintings, Lord Buddha-related mementos & curios and other such spiritual keepsakes.

The Best places to Shop in Gaya

When you are in Gaya and wish to set out for a shopping spree, these are best places to head to:

Kundan Bazaar

Kundan Bazaar

This small shop within a guest house named as ‘Kundan bazaar guest house’ is far from being a sprawling marketplace and yet is no less popular that a marketplace or mall among the visitors to Gaya. The guesthouse that has the bazaar is located in vicinity to Embassy Hotel on main road. The shop boasts of an enticing range of gift items, Lord Buddha figurines, clothing, Buddhism-related books. Every item in this shop exhibits aesthetic appeal. Generally the Kundan bazaar collections are reasonably priced. But bargaining may help you to bag some extra discounts.

Tibetan Refugee Market

Tibetan Refugee Market

The Tibetan refugee market is replete with collections that showcase a strong Tibetan influence. The shops in this market are run by shopkeepers of Tibetan origin and each shop puts forth a colorful display of varied items like woolens, Buddhism-related souvenirs, Lord Buddha statues crafted out of different materials & coming in different poses, Tibetan artifacts, Junk jewelry, figurines of Hindu deities & wild animals, Tibetan garbs, Lucky Charms, beautifully crafted replicas of Maha Bodhi Tree, books etc. Exploring the market & its various stalls will let you have a sneak peek into the Tibetan culture and the knick-knacks you pick from this market will let you take home exotic emblems of Tibetan culture.

Bodh Gaya Handicrafts

Bodh Gaya Handicrafts

Bodh Gaya Handicrafts is one of the oldest craft stalls in the holy city of Gaya. Exquisite hand crafted items are put out for display at the shop to attract tourists and visitors who are true connoisseurs of arts & crafts. Each item in this shop reflects the unique craftsmanship of the local craftsmen who produce intricately crafted marvels with their skilled hands. If you are adept in the art of bargaining, you can get your choicest items at the most pocket-friendly prices. So, Bodh Gaya Handicrafts is indeed a must-visit for passionate shoppers.

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