Gaya Travel Tips

Gaya, commonly referred to as Bodhgaya, has been named after a mythical demon figure known by the name of Gayasur. Gaya is an ancient city in the eastern Indian state of Bihar. This holy city is famed for being the second largest in the state and is steeped in religious, mythological and historic importance. The scenic beauty of Gaya, the other worldly charm of the age old buildings and by-lanes, the many Hindu and Buddhist religious sites make Gaya an extremely popular tourist as well as religious destination. Each year Gaya receives scores of visitors from every nook and cranny of the country. If you are planning to travel to Gaya of late, these Gaya travel tips will come handy. Read on to learn more:

  • In case you are a non vegetarian, then Gaya does not have many options for you. Though there are some non-vegetarian restaurants, the standard of food may not please your palate if you are a habitual foodie used to consuming non-vegetarian food. So, it is best to put up in a holiday home or state owned cottage and cook your own non-vegetarian food.
  • If you are on a look out for budget hotels or luxury resorts/ star hotels in Gaya, you’ll have plenty of options. But you have to book your hotel well in advance because Gaya receives tourists almost all year round. Therefore, the city is always crowded which is why getting proper rooms in hotels might be a pretty difficult thing.
  • Don’t miss the awesome Bihari street foods when you are in Gaya. Mouthwatering savories are sold on the streets of Gaya offering you a memorable gastronomical experience.
  • If you are a person with some religious inclination then always looking to enhance your knowledge of religion and theology through books on the same, in Gaya you can pick some of the best religious books. Mahabodhi Book Shop and Kundan bazaar has a vibrant collection of holy books.
  • Try to plan your visit to Gaya between months October and March if you want to go on a sightseeing expedition and travel with ease.
  • While visiting the various temples of Gaya, you need to abide by the various rules listed out on the signboards in the temple premises. For instance, speaking in a loud voice, clicking photos of the temple interiors, wearing exposing clothes during temple visits are some of the activities strictly forbidden in many of the temples. And you should not break these rules as it’ll hurt the religious sentiments of the locals and may cause you unwanted trouble.
  • While shopping at Gaya, keep in mind that you really have to bargain with shopkeepers in order to get discounts in the price charged
  • Those fond of paintings and art and crafts can pick from the best collection of paintings and crafts made by local artisans in the various shops of Gaya. Madhubani paintings are a sure must-pick when you are in Gay
  • If you are hiring an auto rickshaw or Tonga (horse driven carriage) for local sightseeing, you are advised to refer to a local and inquire about the correct price that should be charged of you. This is because prices tend to be variable when tourists approach these vehicles for a ride. So, theirs is a possibility of you being overcharged.
  • It is advisable for you to keep your belongings safely and not to trust any stranger as cases of extortions are quite common in the city.
  • While visiting the various Stupas, monasteries and temples in Gaya you are advised to get yourself a guide who’ll inform you about the various mythological and historic tales associated with those sites. That’ll make your visit all the more interesting.

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