Spiritual Destinations in India

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Spirituality is one of the key factors for attracting millions of tourists to India every year. From embracing a diverse range of spiritual beliefs to being home to hundreds of pilgrimages, it was India which defined spirituality to another level all around the world. There are n numbers of places which one can visit for their spiritual awakening and can also get a chance to achieve inner peace. So, below is the list of top 7 spiritual destinations in India where one can find inner peace and tranquility.


VaranasiVaranasi is often assumed to be the oldest city of India and as old as this world. And, it was this place from where the realms of spirituality were founded and then, later spread throughout the whole country of India. Many living legends say that the city was founded by Lord Shiva himself and he also termed it as ‘the most sacred on Earth’. There is a number of Ghats in Varanasi where different kind of Hindu rituals are performed daily and you can also check our Varanasi Travel Guide for a thorough knowledge of where to go and when to go. Other than Ghats, there is a very famous temple ‘Kashi Vishwanath’ in Varanasi where millions of pilgrims come every year to pay homage to Lord Shiva.

Spiritual places to visit: Manikarnika ghat, Ramnagar Fort, DashashwamedhGhat, Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple, etc.


Kusum-Sarovar-MathuraMathura is counted among the seven holy places of India and is one of the most impressive cities to witness the rich Indian culture in its most powerful form. As per the famous Hindu Mythology, Lord Krishna was born here and spent most of his childhood days in a small part of this city. There are dozens of temples in this city where spirituality is celebrated every day so, touring through this city will surely help you in your search of inner peace. Not only Indian local visit this town every day but it is also believed that hundreds of foreign national also visit this city every day in search of spirituality. The ideal time to visit Mathura is during the festival of Holi when the whole city shimmers with colours.

Spiritual places to visit:Shri Krishna JanamBhoomi, VishramGhat, PremMandir, ShriBankeyBihariMandir, etc.


HaridwarHaridwar which is often called as the gateway that can lead you to the doors of the Almighty. Millions of pilgrims visit every year with wishful thinking to bath in the holy river of Ganga and wash off their sins away. According to Hindu Myth, when Lord Shiva asked Goddess Ganga to descend in the earth in the form of River then, it was this place from where River Ganga descended towards the Northern Plains. There are many temples where one can experience spirituality in Haridwar and some of the famous Ashrams where you can spend days to learn spirituality.

Spiritual places to visit: Har Ki Paudi, Chandi Devi Temple, Mansa Devi Temple, Bharat Mata Mandir, DakshaMahadev Temple, etc.


AmritsarAmritsar is the popular place where Sikh religion found its spiritual abode and now, is considered one of the most spiritual places in India. Amritsar is mostly famous for its Golden temple and Bagah Border. Statistically, it is proved about 20,000 devotees visit Golden temple every day and the temple also serve them a free meal as a token of their faithful spirituality. The temple is half built with pure gold which is why it is called ‘Golden Temple’, you can also stay inside the temple complex. If you are in search of inner peace then, it is suggested to listen to the holy hymns that are sung inside the temple every day.

Spiritual places to visit:Golden Temple, Akal Takt, ParamPujaya Mata Lal Devi Mandir, GurudwaraChheharta Sahib, etc.


bodhgyaBodhgaya is the place where Lord Buddha earned the spiritual learnings and later. he preached the warmth of Buddhism to all his devotees around the whole country. After that, Bodhgaya became a famous Buddhist pilgrimage site where millions of pilgrims come to get spiritual enlightenment. There is a very popular Bodhi tree in this place which is believed to be the place where Lord Buddha did his preaching and it is now under the UNESCO surveillance. The are many Buddhist temples in this place where one can learn the forms of spirituality and can also attain inner peace.

Spiritual places to visit: The Great Buddha Statue, Bodhi Tree, Royal Bhutan Monastery, MettaBudhram Temple, etc.


Virupaksha Cave,TiruvannamalaiTiruvannamalai is home to some of India’s impressive architectural temples so, going on a spiritual tour to this place will a peaceful reward for you. The very famous temple in this city is Annamalai temple where Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of five elements i.e. water, fire, wind, space, and earth. At the foothills of Arunachala, there is one another very famous temple i.e. ArulmiguArunachaleswarar Temple where you will witness the amazing work of craftsmen as the whole temple is built with intricate design and stand on many beautiful towers.

Spiritual places to visit: Virupaksha cave, ShriRamanasramam, Kubera Lingam, Sri Seshadri Swamigal Ashram, etc.


RishikeshRishikesh is a famous place which is known all over the world for being the origin of Yoga. It was this place where Yoga was invented and later, Sage Adi Shankaracharya spread it all over the world. The town is filled with a number of Ashram for which one can enroll and can learn various forms of spirituality. Millions of foreign national come to this town every year to learn yoga and witness the unique Indian culture. One warning you should keep in mind that the city of Rishikesh is a strict vegetarian city so, it is advisable to respect their spiritual culture.

Spiritual places to visit:Omkarnanda Ashram, ParmarthNiketan Ashram, Ganga Aarti-LaxmanJhula, Triveni Ghat, etc.