Shopping in Varanasi

When it comes to shopping, this ancient, holy city has much to offer to its thousands of visitors. Once upon a time, Varanasi used to be a flourishing trade hub and many of the old shops and stores tucked away in the narrow Galis and by-lanes of Varanasi, can still churn out real golden treasures from the bygone eras.

To shop in Varanasi is an experience in itself and shopping here goes far beyond the ‘Benarasi silks’. When you set out to shop in Varanasi, all of your senses get tickled and the very experience is indeed a memorable one for any passionate traveler who is also a seasoned shopper.

As you walk down the lanes of Varanasi, the rhythmic tip-tap sound of looms, the noisy sound effect of shoppers bargaining for discounts and that of shopkeepers trying to get the best deal stream into your ears. That, of course, motivates you to walk into one of the cozy shops nestled in any of the floors of a dilapidated, old building and walk out with some amazing handicraft or a couple of Benarasi silks.

Yes, that’s the charm of Varanasi shopping; you’ll be lured to shop even if you don’t want to…!

Top Things to Shop in Varanasi

When you are at Varanasi, remember to include the following items in your shopping list:

  • Benarasi Silk sarees, shawls and dress materials
  • Brassware
  • Ivory ware
  • Wooden deities and crafts
  • Silk bed sheets and furnishing materials
  • Musical instruments
  • Souvenirs
  • Hand-knotted carpets
  • Religious books
  • Khatta-Meetha Langda Mangoes
  • Benarasi Paan
  • Ethnic gold jewelry
  • Glass bangles

Top Shopping Areas/Markets of Varanasi

These are the must-visit places for you if you are on a shopping spree in the city of Varanasi:

Thatheri Bazaar

Thatheri Bazaar

If you wish to pick high quality of brassware and copperware, Thatheri bazaar is the place where you should be. The market lies in the vicinity to Varanasi’s Hanuman temple. A vast assortment of brassware, copperware, clay figurines and brass jewelry are put on sale in this market. Make sure to pick the classic brass water pot or Kamandalam when you are in this market.

Vishwanath Gali and Chowk

Vishwanath Gali and Chowk

The buzzing Vishwanath Gali and Chowk are the busy and famed street markets of Varanasi. The fascinating range of Silk brocades, Banarasi Silk Sarees, hand-knotted carpets and jewelry are put on display in these markets to entice shoppers. Pandey Sari is one shop in the Vishwanath Gali that shoppers are quite fond of. When you visit this shop, you’ll surely be tempted to get doused in flowing reams of vibrantly colored silk fabrics that shopkeepers present you with.

Gowdowiliya Market

Gowdowiliya Market

This is one of the oldest Varanasi markets and shops tucked into archaic buildings make its identity. A vast array of products ranging from woodworks to jewelry, from bangles to brocades are offered for sale to shoppers in this market which is no less than a shopping paradise.

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