Best Time to Visit Varanasi

Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh is one of most ancient and holiest cities of the country. Everything about the city seems to be quite intriguing for first time visitors. Thus, whatever you smell, see, taste and hear in Varanasi is memorable and fascinating.

Varanasi is set along the banks of the holy Ganges holds a prominent position in the circuit of pilgrimage destinations in India. There are some people who make a beeline to Varanasi with the intention of absolving their sins through a dip in the holy Ganges whereas there are others who come to Varanasi to breathe their last. The latter group believes that by dying in Varanasi they’ll be freed from the cycle of birth and rebirth. This explains why Varanasi is often referred to as the land of moksha by many.

The typical gallis or narrow lanes of Varanasi with their old world charm remain thickly crowded most of the time. It is very much possible that while savoring the lip-smacking street foods of Varanasi at any of the roadside eateries, you may have to stop and move aside to make space for a funeral procession that comes marching ahead and passes from right under your nose. As you stroll along the Ganges of Varanasi, you get to witness both life and death from close proximity.

The city receives both tourists and pilgrims in large numbers all year round but if you want your Varanasi holiday to be comfortable and relaxing in every way, you must be aware of the best time to visit Varanasi. Read on to learn about the best Varanasi travel season:

To know about or decide on the best time to visit Varanasi, you have to have a clear idea of the climate of Varanasi in general.

Summers in Varanasi

Summers in Varanasi start from the month of April and continue till June. The average summer temperatures range between 32 degree Celsius and 46 degree Celsius. It is quite sunny as well as humid during the summer months making travelers feel uncomfortable. During the day a dry, hot wind known by the name of Loo blows all across the city making traveling next to impossible. The summer evenings are comparatively especially if you choose to stroll along the riverside

Monsoons in Varanasi

Monsoon season begins during the month of July and carries on till September. The city receives moderate showers during the monsoons and temperature too comes down a little due to the rainfall. But Monsoons in Varanasi are remarkably humid thereby making travel not free from discomfort.

Winters in Varanasi

Winter season in Varanasi starts in the month of November and continues till March. Winter temperatures range between 5 degree Celsius and 15 degree Celsius. Wintry nights may be chilling cold but the morning times are pretty pleasant.

Best time to visit

Winter season is the best time to visit Varanasi. The temperatures during the winter months remain within tolerable limits and the day times are cool and pleasant. So, travelers can travel comfortably. Also, most of the pompous festivals of Varanasi are held during the winter months and that too makes the winters an ideal time to visit this holy city.

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