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Hidden away in the Sitapur district of Lucknow, Naimisharanya is a small little town which is being visited mostly by the Hindu saints and pilgrims. This small town had encountered many religious activities in the past such as Lord Brahma’s Maya Chakra struck this very place, Lord Vishnu visited this place in the pursuit of killing some demons, Lord Rama performed Aswamedha Yaga here at this place after killing Ravana, Sages Swayambhuva Manu and Satrupa had performed a rigorous penance at this place for almost 23000 years, etc. The most famous Hindu epic ‘Mahabharata’ has also mentioned this place as a refuge to Pandavas during the exile. So, this place may not be as famous as other holy places of India but it had played a very spiritual significance in the history of India.

Below, is the list of some famous tourist attraction to see in Naimisharanya during your trip.

Chakra Teertha

Chakra TirthaChakra Teertha is the most famous and visited tourist attraction in Naimisharanya which is visited by hundreds of pilgrims every day. This a disc-shaped holy water tank where pilgrims take bath with the wishful thinking of purging themselves from their mortal sins and afterthat, a popular circumambulation ceremony (doing rounds of the sacred temple) is done by them.

This place earned its spirituality when Lord Brahma’s Sudarshan Chakra struck into this place and afterwards a pool emerged on this place. But there is another story that surrounds the establishment of this sacred place as Lord Brahma’s Maya Chakra fell into this place which later turned enabled a huge flowing water body. The sages become terrified and called Lord Brahma for help who sent Goddess Lalita to control the flow. After that incident, people started to worship this place and nowadays, this place receives the highest number of pilgrims during Somati Amavasya.

Sri Lalita Devi Temple

sri lalita devi templeSri Lalita Devi Temple is amongst the most revered Shaktipeeth places in India and many visit this temple upon its popular belief of answering people’s wishes. According to legends, when Gods were seen fighting against the demons then Goddess Lalita shielded them against the evil at this very place. There is another popular belief that when Shiva was carrying the lifeless body of Sati then, it was this place where her heart fell upon.

After taking a holy dip in the Chakra Teertha water tank, pilgrims move towards this temple to pay their spiritual homage to Goddess Lalita. The entrance of this temple is marked by a beautiful scripture of big elephants carved on it.

 Vyasa Gaddi

Vyasa GaddiVyasa Gaddi is yet another spiritual spot in Naimisharanya and often, visited by the local people as well as the tourists every day. There is an old banyan tree in the temple premise which is believed to be blessed with supreme power and many yoga events are being performed here on daily basis. Many legendary stories surround this temple as Maharishi Vedvyasa divided the Vedas into four different parts which later formed as Puranas.

It also believed he preached those Vedas and verses of Shrimad Baghvath Gita to his most favorite disciples Jaimini, ShukhDev, Vaisamaayam, Suth, Angeera, and Pail. So, a visit to this temple would surely pure your soul from all the negativity surrounding your world.

Dashashwamedh Ghat

Dashashwamedh GhatDashashwamedh Ghat is a peaceful bathing ghat in Naimisharanya where a large number of devotees come every day to take a dip in holy water and wash away their mortal sins. As per legends, it was this place where Lord Rama performed the tenth Aswamedha Yaga after killing the demon Ravana. The Yaga ceremony was performed by Lord Rama, Lord Laxman, and Goddess Sita to foretell the people of this world about his victory over Ravana.

The Ghat is also housing the idols of Lord Rama, Goddess Sita, and Lord Laxman where pilgrims offer their homage and ask for a happy life. So, sit down in silence at this ghat and enjoy the stillness for some time.

Hanuman Garhi

Hanuman Garhi is another popular temple in this small town which is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. It is believed that when Lord Hanuman defeated Ahiravana in Patal Lok, then it was this place where he first came after that fight. Afterwards this place got a very high spiritual significance and many devotees started to come here to worship Lord Hanuman and to ask for a healthy life.

The temple had later installed a holy idol of Lord Hanuman carrying Lord Rama and Lord Laxman on his shoulders. Many pilgrims come here every day to worship this idol but however, the temple receives the highest number of pilgrims on Tuesday since it is considered Lord Hanuman’s day.

Dadhichi Kund

Dadhichi KundDadhichi Kund is a holy water tank in Naimisharanya where people come to take a holy bath to get rid of all the mortal sins they committed in their life and to attain salvation. There is a very popular story that runs behind this Kund which goes by that there was a very terrifying demon that used to live here and used to torture Gods. Then, the gods asked for help from Lord Vishnu but he told them that he cannot be killed by any weapon. A pious object needed to kill him.

Then, Lord Vishnu asked Maharishi Dadhichi for his bones because he was a very wise sage of that time. With which Lord Vishnu killed that demon. So, this is a very pure place to travel once and there is an ashram here at this place which is dedicated to Maharishi Dadhichi.

So, during your trip to Naimisharanya don’t forget to visit these places because the town will be a perfect opportunity who are looking for a trip to religious places other than the most famous ones.