Places to See in Chitrakoot

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Chitrakoot marked its name under the holy places of India when Lord Rama spent some quiet days in this very town during his exile from Ayodhya. It is a small little town located in the Satna district of Madhya Pradesh and attracts some fair share of devotees who are still curious to visit the place where Lord Rama once stayed. The town is surrounded by dense forest from every side so visiting this town can be a good idea to reconnect yourself with nature deeply and if you have had some previous plans to go for Yoga retreat then this place will surely help with that.

History of Chitrakoot not only witnessed the staycation of Lord Rama but some other major rituals and happenings also did play here in the past. It is believed that when Lord Rama was exiled from his homeland, his father died after few days of his exile and as per legends, it was this place where all the Hindu rituals of loved one’s death were performed her by Lord Rama himself. It is also said that this place was then walked by some great sages and thus, marking this place’s name in the history of India for possessing some spiritual powers.

So, below is the list of some famous places that you should see during your next visit to Chitrakoot.


KamadgiriFor Kamadgiri, it can be said that the holiness of this place has been retained up to this day. Kamadgiri is a very popular hilly area in Chitrakoot which also have a small circuit of temples where hundreds of pilgrims come every day to pay their homage to Lord Rama. And many legends say that this is the original Chitrakoot where Lord Rama spent his exile days and that’s why it is greatly worshipped by the people of Chitrakoot.

One can reach this forested hill either by bus or a train, it is only some km away from Chitrakoot and there is a small Railway station at this place. So, you can also buy a train ticket in order to reach this place. And, enjoy the spirituality here at this place by exploring every part of it.

Gupt Godavari

Gupt GodavariGupt Godavari got its name from a tiny stream which is coming from inside the caves, although the source of the stream is still not discovered. It is a small cave which consists of two large throne-shaped rocks cutting through in such a way so as to give a large entrance to its visitor. It is also believed that it was this place where Lord Rama and Lord Laxman held their court proceedings back in the 7th century.

When you make an entrance into this site, you will see some fascinating carvings of Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. And once you are inside, you will see the natural architectural beauty of this place. There is a Sita Kund here at this place where pilgrims take a holy bath in that.


RamghatRamghat is a yet another most sacred site of this district which is a long stretch of steps built on the banks of River Mandakini. You will see many pilgrims sitting on the stairs soaking themselves in the warmth of spirituality that runs freely at this place and some saffron draped saints can also be seen here meditating calmly. The history also has named this place very spiritual because Lord Rama, Lord Laxman, and Goddess Sita used to come here to worship and it is believed that they once met the famous writer Tulsidas here at this place.

A daily evening Ram Aarti is also performed here at this place which attracts many tourists and you will soon be showered with spiritual chanting during this event. It is a very soul calming event so if you are trying to distract yourself from any worries then, get lost in this spiritual celebration.

Bharat Milap Mandir

Bharat Milap MandirBharat Milap Mandir is another major significant site in Chitrakoot which is often visited by lots of pilgrims everyday with the wishful thinking of asking a future full of happiness for them. It is believed that when Lord Rama was announced exile from Ayodhya then, it was this place where his younger brother Lord Bharat came to see him and moreover, to ask him to return to the throne of Ayodhya.

And it is said that meeting of all the four brothers was even celebrated by nature and it was considered a very auspicious day when all of them met. They are still many places in Chitrakoot where the footprints of all four them are carved on the rocks.


MarphaMarpha is situated only 4 km away from Gupt Godavari so, if you are planning a trip to Gupt Godavari then it would be a very amazing journey to see the beauty of nature at Marpha. This place is famous for its natural magnificence, sanctuaries, and architectural ruins of Chandel fort. You can also enjoy some sports activities here at this place like sculling.

There is some other famous attraction that you can explore during your time in Marpha like Shri Balaji Mandir, Jal Mochan Sarovar, and five-faced scripture of Lord Shiva. You will also see lots of family enjoying their picnic time here peacefully and there some chains of restaurants where you can enjoy those delicious Indian delicacies.