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Mathura & Vrindavan One Day Car Tour
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Mathura and Vrindavan are two holy cities of Uttar Pradesh closely associated with the life of Lord Krishna. Mathura was the Lord’s birthplace while Vrindaban was the locale for his childhood days and youthful years. There are many small and major temples scattered all across Mathura and Vrindaban which would definitely take you back in time to Dwapara Yuga; i.e. the era of Lord Krishna. Pilgrims from far and wide gather at Mathura and Vrindaban to catch glimpses of the various relics from the life of Lord Krishna. Our Mathura & Vrindavan Car Tour Package will take you on a voyage to these fascinating destinations.

Day 01 – Arrival at Mathura Station

Upon reaching Mathura station, you’ll be greeted by our tour representative who then escorts you to your car/coach and you proceed for a sightseeing tour of Mathura. The places we visit at Mathura are Krishna janmabhoomi temple, Dwarkadheesh temple, Mathura museum, Kans Qila.

Krishna Janmabhoomi temple is said to have been constructed over the cell of the prison within which the lord was born. So, this is said to be the exact birthplace of the Lord. The Dwarkadheesh temple is our next site of visit at Mathura. At the temple the lord is presented in his royal avatar; i.e. as a king and not as a ‘Bal Gopal’ or rustic young cowboy. This temple was set up at Mathura some 150 years back by a Lord Krishna devotee. After this we proceed to visit the Mathura museum. The museum was set up in 1874, has a splendid architecture and exhibits some of the rarest forms of archaeological specimens belonging to the Gupta as well as Kushana period. Kans Qila was set up by Jaipur king Raja Man Singh and was named Kans; maternal uncle of Lord Krishna. The fort exhibits unique fusion of Mughal and Hindu architecture.

After completing our sightseeing of Mathura, we drive to Vrindavan where we visit places like Banke bihari temple, ISKON Temple, Prem Mandir, Radha Vallabh temple, Nidhivan.

We first visit the Banke bihari temple. This temple came into being in the year 1864 and was set up by Swami Haridas. The temple houses the image of Tribhanga murari or Lord Krishna standing in Tribhanga pose. After this we visit the ISKON Temple. ISKON Temple was set up by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. In the year 1966 this temple came into being and is also referred to as Sri Krishna Balaram Temple. Next we visit the Shama Sham dham or Prem Mandir. It is the most important ashram of the Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat. Next, we proceed to the Radha Vallabh temple. This sacred temple symbolizes the eternal love between Radha-Krishna. Sundardas Bhatnagar had established this temple in the year 1585. Next we visit Nidhivan; the picturesque garden where lord Krishna is said to have carried his Raas-Leela with Radha and the Gopis. The serene ambiance of Nidhivan captivates your heart indeed. After completing the Vrindavan sightseeing, you are driven to Vrindavan station/bus depot where our representative sees you off and you depart for your onward journey back home at the end of this one day tour of Mathura and Vrindavan.


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