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Allahabad. Prayag. The land of Offerings. The holy land of merger of the three sacred Rivers of Ganga, Yamuna and mythical Saraswati. The soil on which the drops of amrit spilled into. The land that finds itself mentioned in the verses of Veda as the site of Yajna attended by Lord Brahma. The land blessed to have borne the footprints of Lord Rama during his stay at Sage Bharadwaj’s Ashram. The seat of Illahabad Subah (one of the twelve imperial provinces) under Emperor Akbar the Great, who gave the town its name as Allahabad, ‘place of a god’, truly so. The city whose political associations earned it the name of ‘City of Prime Ministers’.

Well, we could go on! How will a Hindu pilgrimage be deemed complete without a visit of the Triveni Sangam in the holy city of Allahabad. The confluence of the three of the most revered rivers in the land sets ground for Kumbh Mela, the greatest of the religious festivals held every twelve years. Our meticulously designed Tour itineraries offer you varying kinds of explorations into this sacred soil. If you just have a day at your expense, our one day sightseeing tour of Allahabad or Vindhyachal comes as the perfect introduction into the diverse wonders of your chosen city. If you want to join us in exploring Allahabad as part of a larger journey of quest and spiritual seeking, our Kashi-Prayag-Vindhyachal Tour, Spiritual Ganges Tour, Kashi Viswanath Prayag Tour or Allahabad-Ayodhya-Varanasi-Gaya Tour comes as your perfect ally! Come join us in this unique mystical quest wherein the mythical sites you have grown hearing of come to life, rest in the sacred retreat offered by their historical roots and enlighten yourself with the wonders so indelibly woven in the framework of our nation.


Allahabad Sightseeing

01 Days

Allahabad | Sangam


Allahabad Ayodhya Varanasi

05 Day/ 04 Night



Kashi Vishwanath Prayag

04 Days / 03 Nights

Delhi | Varanasi | Allahabad


Spiritual Ganges Tour

08 Days / 07 Nights



Kashi Prayag Vindhyachal

04 Days/ 03 Night



Vindhyachal Tour

01 Day

Varanasi | Vindhyachal


Allahabad Chitrakoot Tour

08 Day/07 Night

Allahabad| Chitrakoot| Ayodhya

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