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Panning across India there are 52 highly religious and extremely important Shakti Peethas in all. There are several different legends revolving around the creation of these Shakti Peethas.... Read More

The most highly acclaimed story of the creation of these Shakti Peethas involves Lord Shiva grieving the loss of his beloved wife, Goddess Sati. It is said that after her demise Lord Shiva carried Goddess Sati’s body and roamed the universe, reminiscing the joyful moments and happy times that they had spent together as a couple. To complete this task Shiva took his wandering form of Bhairav. In the final stage, Lord Vishnu is said to have cut Goddess Sati’s body using his Sudarshana Chakra into 52 different parts which is said to have fallen on the said Shakti Peethas locations.

Every year thousands to millions of devotees go on pilgrimage to these pious and sacred destinations to offer their homage and pay respect to the deity. Devi Darshan tour packages take you on a soul-purifying and memorable journey across the most religious Shakti Peeths in India. The 9 Devi Darshans where one pays homage to the 9 incarnations of Goddess Durga and the 5 Devi Darshans are the two most sacred yatra in India. The 9 Devi Darshan Yatra covers Shakti temples like Mansa Devi Temple in Haridwar, Naina Devi Temple in Bilaspur, Jwalaji Temple, and Vaishno Devi Yatra, whereas, the 5 Devi Darshan package includes all the important Shakti Peethas in Himachal Pradesh like, Chamunda Devi Mandir, Kangra Brijeshwari Temple, and Chintpurni Mandir.

Our tour packages are curated carefully keeping in mind the comfort and safety of the travelers and devotees. The tour will end up making you feel spiritually enriched, mentally energized, and free of all negativity and stress. Fill your mind and heart with tranquility and never-ending peace through this trip.

We are happy to introduce one more religious tour package to our pilgrims which covers different cities of the country including Chandigarh, Amritsar, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, etc. 9 Devi Darshan Yatra offers you a perfect opportunity to visit the holy sites dedicated to 9 incarnations of Goddess Durga. Navratri season is knocking at the door and this is why we decided to design this Nau Devi Darshan Yatra Package which lets you completely dip in the spiritual mood. We understand that it is difficult to take out much time to explore all these destinations, especially for devotees with a tight schedule and this is why we also offer our customers an opportunity to cover 5 holy spots of Maa Durga with our 5 Devi Darshan Yatra Package.

If you also want to fill your mind with utter spirituality and tranquility then browse our Devi Darshan Tour Packages which offer an unmatched opportunity to explore the 7 shrines located in Himachal Pradesh, one in Chandigarh, and one in Jammu and Kashmir. We believe the 9 Devi Darshan Yatra doesn’t require any introduction as these pilgrimages hold great significance in Hinduism and are flocked by millions of devotees every year.


Himachal Pradesh 5 Devi Tour(H.P.)

1NAmritsar |1NKatra+3More
    location Destination
  • Amritsar
  • Katra + More



per person


Nau Devi Darshan Tour(H.P.)

1NNainadevi |1NDharmashala+5More
    location Destination
  • Delhi
  • Nainadevi + More



per person

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