Best Time to Visit Ayodhya

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Ayodhya played a very prominent role in the history of India since it was this place where Lord Rama spent his childhood. So, the city has always been worshipped as a highly spiritual place by the Hindu community. There are still many temples made in the honor of Lord Rama which one can visit and see how much Lord Rama is culturally celebrated in this city.

Many people visit this city once in a lifetime with a wishful thinking of paying homage to Lord Rama. So, there may not be any worst time to visit this city but for the sake of defining the perfect time when one can visit this city is from September to March. Below, is the brief description of each time period.

April to June –

It may not be an ideal time to visit Ayodhya because the weather is mostly unbearable an unpleasant for traveling for this time period. The temperature ranges from 37-degree of Celsius to 42-degree of Celsius so there will be an extremely hot weather condition during this time period. So, avoid traveling to this city during this time period.

July to September –

July to September is the monsoon period in India so most of the cities witness heavy rainfall during this period. Your sightseeing plans might fail during this time and walk from one place to another might look a difficult task. But, visiting this city after mid-September can be a very good opportunity.

October to March –

This is the ideal time for visiting Ayodhya since it is winter season during this time period in India so may not have to struggle with heat and rain. The city actually witnesses a very light winter season so you won’t be walking in the extremely cold atmosphere during this season.

Apart from considering the time period, you can also consider going to this city during the season of festivity. Because of acquiring privilege as a place where Lod Rama was born, so many major festival celebrations are being conducted in this city. Below, are some major festivals being held in this city.

Ram Lila

This event is being held before Dussehra festival and also manages to encounter visitor from many different cities. The event actually features a play where many people play roles from the book Rama charitmana (the manuscript describing the autobiography of Lord Rama). Alongside this festival, a fair is also conducted where one can enjoy some ferry wheel rides and delicious Indian street food.


Diwali is the second most celebrated festival in India and it found its origin at this place only when Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya from exile. During this festival, the whole city shimmers with oil lamps and colored led lights. Fireworks shows are also conducted at this place.

Ram Navami

Ram Navami is the festival celebrating the birth of Lord Rama on earth. During this festival, many temples like Ramkot temple are decorated with flowers and colored led lights. Many Indian women also do fasting during this festival.