Travel Tips for Varanasi

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Varanasi is one such place in India which has its own perks of giving someone a lifetime of learning yet it may also have cons of offering the most chaotic environment to all its visitors. Better known around the world as the spiritual capital of India has many different kinds of adventure to offer to its every visitor and promise them a journey of the lifetime.

In Varanasi, you will witness death, magic, and faith closely intertwined with each other in a way that it plays a very important part in daily life. Thousands of pilgrims visit this city every day in the wake of finding salvation by taking a dip in the holy river of Ganges. It has stored a different kind of exciting journey for every type of traveler as it offers spirituality to those who wish to find it, a meaningful experience to those who feel lost, a rich Indian cultural journey to those who wish to explore it, and salvation to those who come with a pure thought.

So, many questions surround to the mind of those wish to explore this city one day where to go, what to see, how to dress, what not to capture, how safe it is, etc. Below, is the list of 8 tips that must keep in mind when you once decide to explore this city.

Start Your Journey with an Open Mind – Varanasi is a place where you will witness an ultimate chaos, dirty streets, cremation by the river, etc. but if you decided to keep an open mind then, you will surely see all the beauty beyond its ringing chaos. The place is always celebrated among millions because of promising a journey of learning.

Find Your Stay Near the Ghats – Varanasi is a very big city in India and thus encounters thousands of pilgrims every day. So, if you are searching for your stay in this city then the right choice is by the Ghats because this is the places where you will see the real adventure anytime. You can also look for places from where you can easily watch the divine beauty of those Ghats during night time.

Beware of Scams – Varanasi is a very powerful destination in India and thus, there are many scammers that run freely within the streets of this city. You may witness many situations where people might ask some kind of monetary support that you may have no idea about so avoid those situations. You may also witness people asking more money for a simple service they provide to you then, it is best to bargain in that situation otherwise ask for the brochure or rate card.

Take the Boat Ride – The highly recommended adventure sport that you can pick up in this city is a boat ride on the river Ganges. It will be a really magical experience for those who are not touched by the culture of India. What point stands the most during your boat ride will be enchanting beauty of Varanasi which you will witness from your cruise on the river.

Explore the Old Streets of Varanasi – The old part of Varanasi is still the same as it was built after this city was founded. Busy alleys, a temple at every corner, old architectures, etc. are some of the things one should really explore during their time in Varanasi. You may get many chances here to click some authentic and cultural images of real India.

Abstain Yourself from Taking Pictures of Cremation – You may visit some Ghats which are famous for cremation ceremony because Varanasi is a very popular place for attaining salvation after death. So, many people come to this town with the hope of attaining relief from birth to their old ones. Which is why it won’t be considered good for anyone to take pictures of those ceremonies.

Note – You may see many saints in this city and you can comfortably talk to those saints. But, please keep that in mind if you wish to click their pictures then ask them politely first.

 Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Street Food – The city is famous for offering some scrumptious Indian delicacies so instead of having hotel food, it is advisable to go explore those old streets of Varanasi and enjoy some rich India street foods culture. But before getting lost in the taste of those street foods, just check the place where you wish to eat upon your hygiene level. So that, you may not encounter some kind of stomach problem afterwards.

Dress Appropriately – Varanasi is still maintaining its old culture so it is highly advisable to dress accordingly. The streets of this city still running their conservative views and if you want to avoid the stare of those people then, dress appropriately. The best clothing you can wear in this city is a kurta with jeans.

Above, are some eight tips that you may want to consider before planning your journey to Varanasi. So, advise yourself for this adventure and visit a city where you can have a very meaningful experience