Yamunotri Opening and Closing Dates

The sacred Yamunotri Temple, a significant pilgrimage destination, opens its doors on the auspicious day of ‘Akshaya-Tritya,’ which usually falls during the last week of April or the first week of May.

Opening and Closing Dates of Yamunotri Dham 2024

Yamunotri Opening Date10 May 2024
Yamunotri Closing Date14 Nov 2024 (tentative)

The Yamunotri Temple will open its sacred portal on 10th May 2024 to welcome the devotees. The closing ceremony takes place on a vibrant and sacred day of Bhai Dooj, celebrated on November 3rd, 2024 after a small but meaningful ceremony.

Yamunotri Dham Opening Ceremony

Rituals and Offerings

When you finally arrive at the temple, you will participate in different rituals and offerings. The devotees immerse themselves in the waters of the Yamuna River, which is considered to purify the soul from sins. They offer prayers to Goddess Yamuna and perform aarti for her divine grace. The temple creates a peaceful environment, where one can go inwards, in a mystical sense to connect with the divine.

Yamunotri Temperature Dips in the Winter Season

On the arrival of the auspicious occasion of Bhaidooj, the shrine of Yamunotri says goodbye to devotees for the winter, marked by the Brahmins chanting Vedic hymns and performing rituals. This is also a time for the closure of Char Dham pilgrimage sites in Uttarakhand for the entire winter season.

The villagers are immersed in the winter, and the Yamuna’s beloved Doli is paraded to Kharsali with all the pomp and grandeur. Pandits and purohits officiate her worship ceremonies during the winter season. Devotees can visit the sacred Yamunotri Dham in the forthcoming months of April and May.

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Q-1: Is the entrance fee for the Yamunotri Temple paid?
Ans: No, there is no charge to visit the temple. However, donations are appreciated.

Q-2: What should I wear during the Yamunotri Yatra?
Ans: Wearing extra layers of clothing is recommended as temperatures can drastically drop, this even during summer.

Q-3: Are there dormitories or tourist hostels near Yamunotri Temple?
Ans: Indeed, some simple guesthouses and Dhamshalas are enough for pilgrims to stay overnight and worship the gods.

Q-4: Is it possible to attend this pilgrimage site during the winter months?
Ans: No, we do not open the temple during the winter because of a large amount of snowfall.

Q-5: What is the mark of Akshaya Tritiya in Hinduism?
Ans: Akshaya Tritiya in Hinduism is seen as a day filled with auspiciousness, thought to assure success in all new ventures that one starts from this day.

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