Top Spiritual Destinations In South India For A Real Holy Experience

Vaigai Dam, madurai

Indian spirituality, religion and culture is displayed at its peak in the south Indian region, which is dotted all over with grand majestic temples. The ambience here is filled with a deep vibe of positivity and purity. The kaleidoscopic culture of India is wonderfully depicted in these places which showcases unmissable and awe-inspiring sense of spirituality. Therulers of south india have left behind some of the most iconic temples for lord Shiva, lord Vishnu among others and people continue to flock there and offer their prayer from all over the world. The temples are not only a sign of deep seated spirituality but it also stunningly showcases the rich and opulent architecture that was dominant during those times.

Here are some of the best and the most Spiritual destinations in South India if you are looking for a religious holiday:

  • Tirupati

Tirupati templeThis is probably one of the best places for every devotee looking for an enlightening experience. This is the golden abode of lord Venkateshwara swami and is located in the temple city of Chittoor district. Irrespective of the visitor’s caste or creed the temple is visited by people belonging to different communities as well. Tirupati literally translates into husband of laxmi and is one of the most reputed highly religious locations in India. The entire complex is well maintained and evokes a deep feeling of spirituality.

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  • Kanchipuram

KanchipuramLocated in the state of Tamil Nadu and deemed for being one of the holiest and the most sacred places to visit in South India. This is probably one of the most vital pillars of spiritual tour of south India. Situated on the vegavathy river this place houses a number of well renowned temples like kanchimatth among other hindu monastic institutions. This place is believed to have been founded and established by the great hindu saint adishankara.

  • Madurai

Vaigai Dam, maduraiAlso lovingly referred to as the Athens of the east this sacred city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu is nestled next to Vaigai river. The temples of Madurai not only evokes a feeling of spiritualism but it also represents the awe inspiring spirit through their incredible architectural designs. Some of the most popular temples here are dedicated to the 9 planets and the sun. home to around 33,000 finely carved sculptures of Meenakshi amman temple a visit here will remain etched deeply in the visitor’s hearts.

  • Thanjavur

Brihadeeswara Temple in ThanjavurThe temples in Thanjavur are a remarkable representation of the ancient chola rule here. situated in the state of Tamil nadu this place is also one of the most popular for anyone seeking spirituality. The place is not only a significant religious destination but it is also a UNESCO world heritage site making it a treat for every type of traveller. Here you will be able to visit great living chola temples along with thirunallar temple, gangaikondacholapuram etc. the temples and structures here very well preserved and to this day showcases the amazing works of expert craftsmanship.

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  • Thiruvannamalai

Annamalaiyar Temple, ThiruvannamalaiLocated in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu this district is probably one of the most sacred and religious places to experience the divine light of the lord. The place is primarily visited by Shaivite devotees and is included among one of the prominent panchabhutasthalas further propelling its religious significance. The idol worshipped in this temple is that of a shivling and his consort Parvati also adorns the seat next to him. It is also ranked among one of the important jain pilgrimage destinations in India.

  • Mysore

prasanna krishnaswamy temple mysoreMysore is known all over the world for being one of the prime spiritual tourist destinations in the world. The entire region is believed to be the home of devimahishamardini who is popular for for killing the demon mahisharua. The temple located on the chamundi hills and 13 kms away is the actual place marking this event. Due to its relevance in Hindu mythologies the name of the city mysore is also named after the king mahishasur. Other temples worth visiting here are prassanakrishnaswamy temple, trineshwaraswamy temple etc. every place here radiates a deep sense of devotion and spiritualism.

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