Places to Visit in Chidambaram

Chidambaram resides as an industrial hub in the eastern region of Tamil Nadu, India. Chidambaram is one of the major significant tourist centers in Tamil Nadu and its tourism highlights the gorgeous temples in the city. Chidambaram is a well-liked temple town located in Rameswaram, on the Gulf of Mannar which patently lies in the Coleroon River Valley. The town is also recognized as ‘Thillai’ for the reason that it was at first a forest of Thillai Shrubs.

Nestled among ancient temples and architectural splendors, Chidambaram obviously makes reveal Indian culture and tradition. The religious rituals are preserved with all its aesthetic values and beauty in the spot. Chidambaram, the word synonym to Lord Shiva, is a hot spot among Shaivites who are devotees of Lord Shiva especially with the prominent Chidambaram Nataraja temple. The historical and cultural implication of Chidambaram is related with the Nataraja Temple.

The sacred land of Chidambaram has lots of lovely temples and other attractions. But the unique aspect of Chidambaram is that a person of any race or religion can visit the shrine and pray. Chidambaram tourism offers a range of tour options. There are many scenic and lovely destinations that are an important part of the tour around Chidambaram like Pichavaram, Neyveli and the Kalvarayan hills. Some of the important festivals celebrated in Chidambaram are Margazhi Thiruvathirai Day Festival, the Adi Thirumanjanam Festival and the Panguni Uthiram Festival.

Chidambaram might be a small town in Tamil Nadu, but it is truly high on tourism especially in case of pilgrim hubs and temples. The climate of Chidambaram is almost tropical throughout the year with up to 37°C in the summers and around 20°C in the winters. Chidambaram is well connected by rail, air and road. The adjacent airports are Tiruchirappalli and Chennai those are 195 km and 245 km kms away respectively. From Chidambaram is located on the Madras-Tiruchirappalli major line of the Southern Railway. Everyday bus services are available from Chidambaram to different places in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Pondicherry.

Main Sightseeing Attractions of Chidambaram

There are quite a good number of tourist attractions in Chidambaram. Among the must visits in Chidambaram is the Nataraja temple positioned in the center of the town. There are lots of ancient temples in the spot which are unique and exceptional in art and architecture. Chidambaram tourism highlights the beautiful temples in the city like the Sivakamiamman temple and also the attractions like the Sivaganga tank and the thousand pillar hall. Annamalai University is one of the major attractions in Chidambaram. The tourism of Chidambaram offers a range of excursions options especially through scenic and lovely destinations. Some of the sightseeing attractions of Chidambaram are as follows;

Chidambaram Temple

Chidambaram Nataraja Temple

Chidambaram Temple, also recognized as Nataraja Temple, is a Hindu temple devoted to Lord Shiva positioned in the heart of the temple town of Chidambaram in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The temple is placed just about 78 km south of Pondicherry and 235 Km away from Chennai which is the capital of Tamil Nadu state. Chidambaram is considered as one of the most ancient and most celebrated of shrines in India. It is of great religious as well as historic and cultural importance. The origins of this vast temple are laid in antiquity. The Chidambaram Natarajar temple showcases the fusion of various architectural styles.

The temple is perfectly situated in the centre of the town that mainly covering an area of 40 acres. The temple is patently considered as one of the oldest temples of Tamil Nadu. The roof of the temple is covered with gold plates. The presiding deity of the temple is symbolized by air, one of the five elements of the universe and is identified as Akasa Lingam. The Chidambaram Temple was put up during the eleventh century and it is the most renowned of the south India Saivite Temple.

Nataraja Temple   has five halls and the two of the halls are the Kanaka Sabha and the Chit Sabha which have gold-plated roofs. The main icon of Nataraja is in the Kanaka Sabha. One of the important aspects of the temple is that there is no image of god in the Chit Sabha, which houses the Akasa lingam. It indicates that God exists in empty space too. The Nritta Sabha or the Hall of Dance is the most beautiful and amazing of the five halls. There are 56 pillars in the hall depicting the 108 poses of Bharat Natyam which is considered as the classical dance of Tamilnadu.

Kalvarayan Hills

Kalvarayan Hills

The Kalvarayan hills can be found just about 150 kms North West of Chidambaram on the western side of Kallakurichi Taluk, Chidambaram. Spread over an area of 600 sq. kms Kalvarayan hills lays approximately with the height ranging from 315 mts to 1190 mts. The Kalvarayan hills patently put forward a temperate climate and are quiet solitude as well. It is one of the ideal spot for the Solitary moments.

Kalvarayan Hills are one of the ideal places for trekking. Many trekking lovers used to visit place each year. Along with trekking, the hills offer beautiful surroundings with its picturesque landscape. The hills make available a temperate climate and a peaceful atmosphere. The tourists can find out two waterfalls and a botanical garden on the hills. The greenery of a gorgeous botanical garden in the hill’s part and two waterfalls are appropriate for picnic. Kalvarayan Hills has turned out to be major tourist’s attractions in Chidambaram as well as in Tamilnadu due to its many abundant tourism possibility.

A summer festival is also held every year in the month of May at the Kalvarayan hills which attract lots of tourists nationally and internationally to the hills. The nearest airport to reach at the Kalvarayan hills is placed in Trichy, just about 168 km from Chidambaram. The pleasant climate, solitude, trekking opportunity, botanical garden and two waterfalls of the hills is really a blessing to the place and used to draw the attention of many of the tourists each year both nationally and internationally.

Annamalai University

Annamalai University

Annamalai University is situated in Chidambaram in the state of Tamilnadu. Annamalai University is a residential University founded by the Raja Sir Annamalai Chettiar. It is a great centre of Tamil learning and carnatic music. The university now offers educational facilities in various disciplines including Medicine, Agriculture, and Engineering etc. The university was established in 1929. Annamalai University is a single, teaching, and residential university. Since its beginning, it has increasingly attempted to realize the aims of the noble Founder Dr. Rajah Sir Muthiah Chettiar of Chettinad.

Annamalai University could open a small campus in Toronto, Canada for teaching Indian fine arts. Other overseas centers of the university consist of the Al Mihad Institute, Dubai and the Al Hilal Education Centre, Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates as well as the Al Noor Education Centre in Muscat, Oman. Annamalai University has been credited at B++ level among the universities by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council due to its effective functioning.

During the last 80 years, Annamalai University has grown speedily and has secured its position as a unitary and residential University. Annamalai University has around 49 departments in various fields like Arts, Science and Engineering and 3240 staff members. Annamalai University has full equipped library which has 36000sqft area. This library has just about 463000 books. Library building has well controlled entrance lobby, Spacious Central Reading Hall, Reference hall, Periodicals Halls and separate Administrative Section. The University campus, including the colleges, hostels, and playgrounds, patently sprawl over an area of about one thousand acres.  The university provides an ideal atmosphere for its students to pursue academic excellence.


Pichavaram Mangrove Forest

Pichavaram is located near Chidambaram in Cuddalore District in the state of Tamil Nadu, in South India. The nearby railway station is located in Chidambaram, providing road accessibility from there. Pichavaram houses the second largest Mangrove forest in the world. The spot is one of the unique Eco-tourism spots in South India. The backwaters, interrelated by the Vellar and Coleroon river systems, put forward profuse scope for water sports, rowing, Kayak and canoeing. Pichavaram is renowned for its backwater tourism, boasting numerous stunning scenic spots that attract large crowds. The Pichavaram forest offers waterscape and back water cruises. The mangrove forest trees permanently rooted in a few feet of water. Pichavaram comprises of numerous islands combining a vast expanse of water covered with green trees. The area is about 2,800 acres and is alienated from the sea by a sand bar which is a bit of extraordinary beauty.

The Pichavaram mangroves are regarded as one of the healthiest occurrences of mangroves in the world. The Pichavaram mangrove consisting of rare species like Avicennia and Rhizophora offers a special attraction especially with its peculiar scenery and environmental condition. It supports the survival of several rare varieties of economically important shell and finfish’s. The Pichavaram mangroves used to attract a considerable bird population of residents, local migrants and true migrants.

Pichavaram Backwaters is a renowned picnic spot, which is placed around 16 km away from Chidambaram. The 11,000 hectares of backwater exploration is placed against the background of 3000 acres of mangrove forests. There are numerous channels and streams at this backwater that are proper for boating and other water sports. Tourists can also take pleasure in backwater cruises and spend time in the houseboats.

Vaitheeswaran Temple

Vaitheeswaran Temple

The Vaitheeswaran Temple, also known as Pullirukkuvelur, is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Shiva located in Tamil Nadu, India. Lord Shiva is worshipped as Vaitheeswaran here, known as the God of healing. It is believed that prayers to Vaitheeswaran can cure diseases. The temple is considered one of the nine Navagraha temples associated with the planet Mars or Angaraka.

Situated approximately 27 km from Chidambaram, 110 km from Thanjavur, and 16 km from Mayiladuthurai, the temple is renowned for its Siddhamirtham tank, where a bath in its holy waters is believed to cure all ailments. Featuring a 5-tier Gopuram or temple tower and spacious grounds, the central shrine houses the lingam of Vaitheeswaran in its inner sanctum, while the surrounding area includes a metal image of Subramanya, worshipped as Muthukumaraswamy.

The temple’s inscriptions, primarily from the time of Kulothunga Chola I, include records of the Sattanathapuram rinse shutter’s dimensions. Devotees traditionally take a holy dip in the temple tank before worshipping Vaitheeswaran. Festivals held throughout the year include the annual Brahmotsavam, Karthigai festival, and Kantha Sashti, during which devotees gather to bathe in the waters and seek divine blessings through prayers to the deities.

Important Hotels of Chidambaram

There are many ashrams and small budget hotels to accommodate tourists who visit Chidambaram. Budget hotels are found all around Chidambaram. There are lots of ashrams which accommodate pilgrims for a much lesser price. There are some deluxe rooms as well with good quality interiors and contented rooms. The hotels serve traditional South Indian food. Some of the hotels used to provide sightseeing packages as well. Deluxe hotels also provide transport facilities. There are luxury, deluxe, economy and budget hotels in Chidambaram to opt from. Following are a few of the main hotels of Chidambaram that the tourists can choose from;

Hotel Saradharam

Hotel Saradharam is located on Venugopal Pillai Street in Chidambaram in the state of Tamilnadu, Kerala. The hotel is well connected by rail, road and air. The hotel is placed just around 75 km away from Pondicherry Airport and half kilometer away from Chidambaram Road Railway Station. Hotel Saradharam conducts sightseeing, walk tours and day tours for the guests since the hotel is placed around many of the sightseeing attractions of Chidambaram. The guests can join in in village visits, temple visits and shopping for the hotel.

Hotel Saradharam offers comfortable and contented accommodation to its guests. The hotel has 45 guest rooms. The rooms are categorized into Non-AC Double, Standard AC Double, Triple AC, Suite and Presidential Suite. The guest rooms make available many of the modern amenities. Hotel Saradharam has an in-house AC vegetarian restaurant, a multi cuisine restaurant and a cocktail lounge. The AC conference hall of the hotel can patently house about 200 guests.

Golden Palace Hotel

Golden Palace Hotel is a beautiful and comfortable hotel patently situated on Trichy Road, Chidambaram in the state of Tamilnadu. It is so easy to reach at the hotel since the hotel is placed near rail, road and air. The adjacent airport is placed at the Trichy Airport, which is about 85 km away from the hotel. The Salem Railway Station is situated just around 55 km away from the property, about 2 km away from the Namakkal Bus Stand.

Golden Palace Hotel makes available delightful and relaxed stay for the guests. The hotel offers 32 rooms. The rooms are separated in categories of Single, Double, Deluxe and Suite. Hotel has an in-house multi-cuisine restaurant. The services that are provided at Golden Palace Hotel are doctor on call, travel desk, car rental, car parking, laundry service, room service, credit cards, deposit locker, television in the rooms, conference hall, STD & ISD, Fax and hot & cold water. The hotel has a swimming pool, a gymnasium and a health club.

Hotel Grand Palace

Hotel Grand Palace Stay is situated on the Railway Feeder Road, Chidambaram. The hotel is a two star property which is suitably placed just about 0.25 kms away from the Chidambaram Railway Station and 150 kms away from the Trichy Airport. The hotel is well positioned among many of the well-known attractions of Chidambaram.  The adjacent tourist spots of the hotel are Natarajar Temple (1 km), Annamalai University (.5 km) and the nearby beach is Cuddalore located at a distance of 30 kms.

The hotel Grand Palace offers comfortable and contented accommodation for the tourists. The hotel has 21 rooms with modern amenities and the rooms are categorized into Economy rooms, Standard rooms and Executive rooms. The hotel has a restaurant for the handiness of the guests. It also has a coffee shop. Common facilities available are- railway station transfer, travel desk, taxi services, laundry, central AC, hour room service, doctor on call, Wi-Fi connectivity, gardens, business centre, executive lounge.

Royal Plaza Hotel

Royal Plaza Hotel is situated in Chidambaram in the state of Tamilnadu. It is an 18 year old property. The hotel is well linked with the air, rail and road. The Trichy Airport is situated just around 150 km from the hotel. The bus stand is just 1 km away from the hotel. The hotel is positioned among many of the sightseeing attractions of Chidambaram.  Hence, the hotel organizes short trips for the guests, to the nearby sightseeing attractions for their conveniences and comfort. .

Royal Plaza Hotel offers contented and relaxed accommodation for the guests. The hotel makes available accommodation in 14 AC and Non-AC Rooms. The in room facilities of the hotel includes STD & ISD, Fax, Hot & cold water. The additional facilities available at Royal Plaza Hotel are doctor on call, travel desk, car rental, car parking, laundry service, room service, television in the rooms etc.

Alritz Hotel

Alritz Hotel is located in Chidambaram close to the bus stand. The hotel offers a good ambience and cool atmosphere to its guests. The journey to the hotel is effortless since the hotel is well linked to air, rail and road. The Trichy Airport is placed at a distance of 200 km away from the hotel which is the closest. The hotel is positioned suitably at a walkable distance from the Chidambaram Bus Stand. The hotel is much favorite among the tourists since it is placed among many of the sightseeing attractions of Chidambaram.

Alritz Hotel offers hassle-free and comfortable accommodation for the guests. The hotel has 20 AC and Non-AC Rooms. The hotel offers an in-house restaurant which serves Chinese and Continental cuisine. The additional amenities available at Alritz Hotel are doctor on call, travel desk, car rental, car parking, laundry service, room service, deposit locker, television in the rooms, STD & ISD, Fax and hot & cold water.

Hotel Sabanayagam

Hotel Sabanayagam is located at East Sannathi Street, Chidambaram in the state of Tamilnadu, India. It is beautiful hotel located in the heart of the town. Hotel Sabanayagam is famous in Chidambaram since it is situated within the reach of many of the renowned tourism attractions of Warangal. The adjacent Airport is in Chennai International which is placed just about 150kms away from the hotel, 1 Km away from Chidambaram Railway Station and 1 Km away from Chidambaram Bus Stand.

Hotel Sabanayagam is notable for its hospitality and friendly attitude. The hotel makes available comfortable and delightful stay from the tourists in its well-appointed and furnished guest’s rooms. The rooms are set up with almost all the modern amenities. The additional amenities available at Hotel Sabanayagam are doctor on call, travel desk, car rental, car parking, laundry service, room service, deposit locker, television in the rooms, STD & ISD, Fax and hot & cold water.

Akshaya Hotel

Akshaya Hotel is placed at East Car Street, Chidambaram in the state of Tamilnadu, India. The hotel is placed 70 Km away from Pondicherry Airport, 1 Km away from Chidambaram railway station and 1 Km Chidambaram bus stand. It is so easy and effortless to reach at the hotel and the hotel is positioned among many of the splendid tourist attractions of Chidambaram.  The hotel is prominent for its generosity and welcoming attitude.

Akshaya Hotel provides lovely and comfortable stay for the guests in its spacious and well-appointed rooms. The rooms are categorized into Suite, Air Conditioned Rooms, and Non Air Conditioned Rooms. The hotel has an air Conditioned Multi – Cuisine Restaurant named Aswini which serves south Indian, Chinese and Tandoori delicacies. The hotel offers Air Conditioned and well stored bar named Anandha. The additional amenities available at Akshaya Hotel are doctor on call, travel desk, car rental, laundry service, room service, deposit locker, television in the rooms, STD & ISD, Fax, and Banquet Facilities.

RK Residency

R K Residency, a star category hotel is situated in the heart of Chidambaram town. RK Residency Hotel is placed at Cuddalore, Chidambaram in the state of Tamilnadu.  RK Residency is an attractive choice since it is well connected with rail, road and air which makes journey to the hotel effortless. The hotel is placed among many of the sightseeing attractions of Chidambaram which makes the hotel much loved among the tourists. RK Residency is a budget hotel and can expect the value of your money become worth.

RK Residency Hotel is one of the more preferred accommodation options since it makes available comfortable and charming stay for the tourists. RK Residency Hotel is a suitable choice for short visits to Chidambaram with comfy rooms and all the basic facilities you call for. The additional amenities available at RK Residency Hotel are doctor on call, travel desk, car rental, laundry service, room service, deposit locker, television in the rooms, STD & ISD, Fax etc.

Sri Ganesh Bhavan

Sri Ganesh Bhavan is located in 115 West Car St Chidambaram in the state of Tamilnadu, India. The hotel is situated in a tranquil ambiance that largely offering a superb view of a few tourists’ attractions of the Warangal city. The hotel is placed well amidst many of the tourist attractions of Chidambaram hence the hotel is a much loved spot among the tourists. Hotel is one of the budget hotels in Warangal that also can put up both the business class guests as well as local class guests alike.

Sri Ganesh Bhavan makes available comfortable stay for the tourists with spacious and well-appointed guest rooms. All the guest rooms are comprised of modern amenities. The hotel vividly makes available comfy, safe, convenient accommodation for the guests and also really value for money.  Sri Ganesh Bhavan is a great option for the tourists to decide from in order to enjoy their holiday trip.

Apollo Lodge

Apollo Lodge is patently located in the holy town Chidambaram in the state of Tamilnadu. The lodge is a great place to stay since it offers lots of facilities and services to the tourists. The lodge is placed just about a kilometer away from main bus stand and railway station of Chidambaram. The lodges is well placed among many of the sightseeing attractions of Chidambaram like Just a few metres away from Lord Natarajar Temple and 5 minutes drive to Annamalai University.

Apollo Lodge provides comfy and lovely stay for the guests with its spacious and well-furnished guest rooms. With single and double bed rooms at affordable prices, the lodge truly makes a perfect place to stay for business as well as pleasure travelers. Many of the modern facilities are available in all the guest rooms. Some of the other facilities available at the lodge are laundry Service, Internet Browsing Facility, Car Rental, Travel Booking Services and Car Parking.