Best Time To Visit Tirupati

When it comes to spiritual journeys, the Tirupati Balaji Temple stands as one of the most revered and visited destinations in India. Nestled in the lush green hills of Andhra Pradesh, this temple dedicated to Lord Venkateswara attracts millions of devotees annually. If you’re planning a visit to this sacred place, it’s crucial to choose the right time to ensure a memorable and fulfilling experience. In this article, we will guide you through the best time to visit the Tirupati Balaji Temple.

Best Time to Visit Tirupati

Best Time to Visit

Weather: The weather in Tirupati can be quite hot and humid, especially during the summer months from March to June. The temperatures can soar, making it uncomfortable for outdoor activities. Therefore, it’s advisable to avoid visiting during these months if you’re not accustomed to hot weather.

Peak Seasons: The temple tends to be crowded during festival seasons, particularly during the Brahmotsavam festival in September and October, and other major festivals like Vaikunta Ekadasi in December and Navratri in October. If you prefer a quieter and less crowded experience, it’s best to avoid these peak seasons.

Weekdays vs. Weekends: Weekdays, especially Tuesday and Wednesday, are generally less crowded compared to weekends. If possible, plan your visit on a weekday to avoid long lines and waiting times.

Morning Hours: To beat the crowds and the heat, it’s recommended to visit the temple during the early morning hours. The temple opens early, usually around 3:00 AM, and this is an ideal time for a peaceful darshan (viewing of the deity).

Off-Peak Hours: If you cannot visit early in the morning, consider visiting during the temple’s off-peak hours, which are generally during the afternoon or late evening. This can also help you avoid long queues.

Month Wise Weather in Tirupati

  1. Local Events: Check for any local events or holidays that might affect crowd levels or transportation options during your planned visit.
  2. January: The weather in January is pleasant with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 30°C (59°F to 86°F).
  3. February: February continues to offer pleasant weather, with temperatures similar to January, ranging from 15°C to 31°C (59°F to 88°F).
  4. March: Spring begins in March with temperatures ranging from 18°C to 34°C (64°F to 93°F). It starts getting warmer as the month progresses.
  5. April: April sees a gradual increase in temperatures, ranging from 21°C to 37°C (70°F to 99°F).
  6. May: May is one of the hottest months in Tirupati, with temperatures soaring between 24°C and 41°C (75°F to 106°F).
  7. June: The heat continues in June, with temperatures ranging from 24°C to 39°C (75°F to 102°F).
  8. July: The monsoon season begins in July, bringing relief from the scorching heat. Temperatures range from 24°C to 36°C (75°F to 97°F).
  9. August: August sees moderate rainfall with temperatures between 24°C and 34°C (75°F to 93°F).
  10. September: Rainfall continues in September, and temperatures range from 23°C to 33°C (73°F to 91°F).
  11. October: The monsoon gradually subsides in October, with temperatures ranging from 21°C to 32°C (70°F to 89°F).
  12. November: Winter begins in November, and temperatures become pleasant, ranging from 18°C to 31°C (64°F to 88°F).
  13. December: December offers the most comfortable weather of the year, with temperatures between 15°C and 30°C (59°F to 86°F).

October to February (Fall/Winter):

  • Temperature: 15°C to 30°C (59°F to 86°F)
  • Weather: This is considered the best time to visit Tirupati as the weather is cool and pleasant. The temperatures are comfortable for outdoor activities, and it’s an excellent time for darshan (worship) at the temple.

March to May (Spring/Summer):

  • Temperature: 20°C to 45°C (68°F to 113°F)
  • Weather: During these months, the weather starts to get hotter. March is still manageable, but April and May can be scorching hot. If you can tolerate the heat, you can visit during this time, but be prepared for high temperatures.

June to September (Monsoon):

  • Temperature: 20°C to 35°C (68°F to 95°F)
  • Weather: The monsoon season starts in June and continues through September. Tirupati receives moderate to heavy rainfall during this time. While the weather is relatively cooler, heavy rain can disrupt travel plans and temple visits. Be prepared for wet conditions if you choose to visit during these months.

In summary, the best time to visit Tirupati for a comfortable and pleasant experience is during the fall and winter months, from October to February. However, if you prefer cooler temperatures and don’t mind the possibility of rain, the monsoon season from June to September can also be an option. Avoid the peak summer months of April and May when the heat can be unbearable.


1. Is it necessary to book darshan tickets in advance?
While it’s not mandatory, booking tickets in advance can save you a lot of time, especially during peak seasons.

2. Are there any accommodation options near the temple?
Yes, there are plenty of hotels and guesthouses available in Tirupati to suit various budgets.

3. How long does it take to reach Tirupati by road from major cities?
The travel time varies, but it usually takes around 4-6 hours from cities like Chennai and Bangalore.

4. Can I visit the temple during COVID-19 restrictions?
Yes, the temple authorities have implemented safety measures, so it’s possible to visit with some precautions.

5. Are there any restrictions on what I can wear inside the temple?
Devotees are requested to wear traditional attire when visiting the temple, and sleeveless tops and shorts are discouraged.

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