Ambika Mata Mandir: The Goddess of Power(Shakti)

Ambika Mata Mandir

The Ambika Mata Mandir of Rajasthan is a Hindu temple located in a village called Jagat. The village is situated around 50 Km away from the southeastern part of Udaipur. The temple is dedicated to Ambika Devi, one of many forms of the Hindu Goddess Durga. The Ambika Mata Mandir is constructed on a rock cleft and has several things inscribed on it. The oldest inscription on the temple walls was done in 961AD; however, the inscription had to undergo some renovations later. Currently, the temple is looked after and preserved by the Department of Archaeology and Museum of the state of Rajasthan.

Ambika Mata Mandir

The Ambika Mata Mandir is not one of the most visited temples of India; however, it offers as good view to the tourists as any other famous temple of the country. The temple was constructed during the 10th century and has several images of many female divinities, particularly Goddess Durga. However, the principally worshipped image in this temple is that of the Ambika Devi form of Durga. Ambika Devi is worshiped as the goddess of ‘Shakti’ or power.

The architecture boasted by the temple is also worth mentioning. Due to the splendor of architectural work of this temple, it is often referred to as Khajuraho of Rajasthan. The temple houses a number of fine sculptures; credit should go to the departments looking after the temple because of the way in which they have preserved all the sculptures of Ambika Mata Mandir. The temple has a pentagonal shape enclosed by massive rampart walls. There are 17 turrets and one roof resembling the structure of the gabled roof of a pagoda. The walls have large sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses, singer, dancers and musicians engraved on their exterior parts.

Ambika Mata Mandir

The temple is famed for being ‘Rajasthan’s Khajuraho’ due to its magnificent collection of numerous temples which have been preserved brilliantly making it look like it has been frozen in time. The entire temple is adorned with glorious, detailed and beautiful large and small sculptures which are carved perfectly. These carved sculptures represent the not only the gods and goddesses but it also showcases musicians, dancers and singers of the heavenly abodes. Present inside the temple is a motif which bears a theme of a mountain palace which looks like the heavenly home for the gods. Being dedicated to devi several of the sculptures which are present within the temple are of Durga, Barhmani and other counterparts hwere they are all worshipped as the goddess for power.

Known for its outstanding and unparalleled architectural wonders the inside of this temple consists of a small shrine which is made inside a rock crevice. The rare architectural wonder is considered to be a work of art which has not yet been seen anywhere in India or abroad. Devotees are free to visit this temple throughout the year in order to seek the blessings of the goddess. People can also visit the temple during morning or evening to attend the sacred and pious aarti ritual. This is a must visit place if you are looking for some spiritual enlightenment along with witnessing some one of a kind and unique architectural creations.

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