5 Kosi Parikrama, Ayodhya: Date, Marg & Route Guide

5 Kosi Parikrama, Ayodhya

Kosi Parikrama is a sacred pilgrimage that holds immense significance for devotees in Ayodhya, India. This spiritual journey involves circumambulating the Kosi River, a ritual believed to cleanse the soul and bring spiritual enlightenment. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the dates, the sacred path (Marg), and the route to undertake this divine journey.

5 Kosi Parikrama, Ayodhya

Date of Kosi Parikrama

The date of Kosi Parikrama varies each year based on the Hindu lunar calendar. Devotees traditionally embark on this pilgrimage during the month of Kartik, which usually falls between October and November. It is essential for pilgrims to check the specific date for Kosi Parikrama each year to ensure they participate in the ritual at the most auspicious time.

Marg (Path) of Kosi Parikrama

The Kosi Parikrama involves circumambulating the Kosi River, following a designated path known as the Parikrama Marg. This path is not only a physical route but also a symbolic journey representing the cyclical nature of life and the pursuit of spiritual growth.

Starting Point: Saryu Ghat, Ayodhya

The journey traditionally begins at Saryu Ghat in Ayodhya. Pilgrims assemble at this sacred spot, perform rituals, and seek blessings before embarking on their spiritual quest.

Kosi River: The Lifeline of the Parikrama

The Kosi River, considered sacred by Hindus, serves as the central point of the pilgrimage. Pilgrims perform the circumambulation by walking along the banks of the river, offering prayers and immersing themselves in the divine atmosphere.

Key Stops Along the Marg

  • Bhadravan: This is an important stop on the Parikrama Marg. Pilgrims believe that paying homage at Bhadravan brings blessings and spiritual merit.
  • Daburvan: Another significant point along the route, Daburvan is associated with the Hindu epic Ramayana and holds historical and religious importance.
  • Bharat Kund: Pilgrims also visit Bharat Kund during the Parikrama, a sacred pond believed to have connections with Lord Ram’s brother, Bharat.

Completing the Parikrama: Returning to Saryu Ghat

The Parikrama concludes by returning to the starting point, Saryu Ghat. Pilgrims express gratitude for the spiritual experience and seek the blessings of Lord Ram before dispersing.

Route Guide for Kosi Parikrama

Navigating the Kosi Parikrama route requires careful planning and adherence to the sacred path. Here is a comprehensive guide to the route:


  • Physical Fitness: The Parikrama involves walking long distances, so pilgrims should ensure they are physically fit.
    Spiritual Preparation: Engage in spiritual practices and prayers before undertaking the journey to enhance the spiritual experience.

Travel to Ayodhya

  • Devotees from different parts of India and abroad travel to Ayodhya to commence the Kosi Parikrama. Arriving a few days before the scheduled date allows time for preparations and acclimatization.

Starting Point – Saryu Ghat

  • Begin the Parikrama at Saryu Ghat, perform rituals, and seek blessings from the divine.

Following the Marg

  • Stay on the designated Parikrama Marg, marked by religious symbols and pathways. It is important to adhere to the traditional route for the spiritual significance it holds.

Key Stops

  • Take time at each key stop, such as Bhadravan, Daburvan, and Bharat Kund, to absorb the spiritual energy and perform rituals.


Arrange accommodations along the route in advance. Ayodhya offers a range of options, and pilgrims should plan their stay considering the duration of the Parikrama.

Conclusion – Saryu Ghat

  • Conclude the Parikrama by returning to Saryu Ghat, where it began. Participate in concluding ceremonies and express gratitude for the divine experience.


Embarking on the Kosi Parikrama in Ayodhya is a spiritual journey that encompasses both physical and metaphysical aspects. Pilgrims undertake this sacred ritual to purify their souls, seek blessings, and strengthen their connection with the divine. By adhering to the prescribed date, following the sacred Marg, and carefully navigating the route, devotees can ensure a fulfilling and transformative experience during the Kosi Parikrama in Ayodhya.


Q-1: What is 5 Kosi Parikrama in Ayodhya?
The 5 Kosi Parikrama is a 15-kilometer pilgrimage circuit around Ayodhya, visiting sacred sites linked to the Ramayana.

Q-2: Key Points of Interest?
Sites include Sita Samahit Sthal, Panchnad Shivalaya, Chakratirtha, and Surya Kund, each holding religious significance.

Q-3: Significance of 5 Kosi Parikrama?
It cleanses the soul, is associated with Lord Rama, and is undertaken for spiritual merit.

Q-4: Ideal Time for Parikrama?
Often during festivals like Ram Navami, but it can be done throughout the year.

Q-5: Duration and Logistics?
Takes several hours; wear comfortable clothing, carry water, and local guides are available for assistance.

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